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Studying M.Des In Interior Design

Studying M Des In Interior Design

Are you a person who loves arranging and designing furniture, home décor and other items in your home? If so, then you need to pursue a career in interior design. It is fast becoming a popular profession in the design industry. It is not easy to sustain as an interior designer in the multi-billion-dollar industry without the required skills and techniques. A handful of colleges and universities in India offer B.DES and M.DES Interior Design courses that will provide plenty of knowledge, skills, and opportunities for growth in this career. 


At DOT School of Design, one of the top B.DES colleges in Chennai, we offer excellent courses for students who have a passion for designing. The curriculum is crafted by renowned architects and designers. The different modules in the curriculum will equip students with the right skills required to start a career as an interior designer. An interior design course will cover the basics of design elements, styles, colour theory and schemes. It also covers modules that teach you how to work with clients and arrange objects.

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A Few Skills You Will Master In An Interior Design Course

Formal education in design will always keep you a step ahead of others in the race. A professional degree from B.Des colleges in Chennai will equip you with so many soft skills to make you a desirable candidate. Some of the skills you will master in an interior design course are discussed below:

Time management and organising

Interior designers need to be organised. An interior design course will allow you to work on different assignments and projects to make you more organised. Each assignment will have a specific deadline that needs to be adhered to. As you learn to understand the different logistics, sketch layouts, and design floor plans, a design course will also teach you to plan all these within budget. It provides practical experiences that will help you tackle real-life scenarios. Time management is an essential skill that is required to satisfy any customer. Learning to prioritise different assignments will make you equipped to multitask different projects in your work life.

Handling Clients

Customer relationships are vital for any industry, and an interior designer should handle clients well. Interior designing is an abstract work, and ideas will clash. You will have to understand client requirement design accordingly. Your design will directly impact clients lives, so they must approve the design before starting the groundwork. It is good to build client relationships personally, so you understand their needs, tastes and wants. Project works and assignments in interior design courses will allow you to work as interns with architects to get a taste of real-life work environments. You will get to see how each client requirement is handled and executed.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Creativity is key to any design career. An interior designer should be able to find potential in any given space. You must have an eye to identifying the changes or additions required for space quickly. No two projects will be the same, and interior designers should take it as a challenge to treat each project as unique, giving it the required quality and creativity. An interior design course will train students in creative flair. For being successful in this career, you need to keep customers happy. As an interior design professional, you will be better equipped to present solutions to please the client.

Skills Required To Start Your Own Interior Design Firm

An interior design course is an excellent step towards becoming an entrepreneur. There are so many interior design consultants and freelance designers in Chennai. The interior design course will provide great qualities that will help you be an independent and professional interior designer. An interior design course will help you

  • Have a plan and be able to write business proposals in a comprehensive way
  • Acquire leadership qualities that will help you take control of the projects and the team with ease
  • Be self-disciplined, driven and motivated to be successful in your role as an entrepreneur
  • Be strong and confident in your skills which will fetch you, new clients

Whether you plan to work for a design firm or have your own company, an interior design course will help hone your skills and show you the right path. You will be a professional with whom clients want to work. 

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