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Thiraviyam – Where Every Product Has A Story

DOT Content Team
February 3, 2022
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The Untold Stories

– Of the Faces Behind India’s Handicrafts, Art & Spices! 


Organic Beginnings 

An initiative by RMM Educational Trust, Thiraviyam is an organic store situated on the campus of DOT School of Design which sells a variety of natural, organic and unique hand-made or homegrown products. On a mission to empower the indigenous Artisans, Craftsmen, and Farmers to sell their authentic products and produce under the Maker’s identity, Thiraviyam foregrounds their stories and identities as a measure of counter-memory to these diminishing crafts. The store had a humble opening on January 5th,2022 with Thiru. M.S.Shanmugam of Vasanth & Co enterprise cutting the ribbon. Mr AR. R. Raammnath, the chairperson at DOT School of Design along with the Faculties of DOT were present for the event. 

100% Authenticity Guaranteed 

RMM’s Thiraviyam offers a carefully selected range of original products with the goal to support local artisans and small businesses. Hence, you directly get to know the makers and their work when you buy any product here. Each product is an opportunity to cherish the stories of hard work & passion behind its making, as the Makers finally get a platform to share their anecdotal experiences. Vendors with complaints about their products cannot continue selling on Thiraviyam to guarantee buyer satisfaction.

The Thiraviyam Promise:  

Original Products | No Overpricing | Cruelty-Free | Organic | Non -Toxic | Sustainable & Conscious 



As an impetus to the ‘Make in India’ movement, RMM’s Thiraviyam believes the artisans are the sole custodians of their intellectual property and farmers of their produce. The deciding authority in terms of pricing should be the makers. All the proceeds will reach the makers, except for a minimal handling charge with complete transparency on tariff rates. Built on the bedrock of Craftsmen welfare, the store provides a go-to-market strategy to local artisan communities to help conquer the digital frontier and reach a wider market.

With a humble beginning follows a fierce promise to not compromise on the quality of both the products & produce sold at the shop as well as the lives of the craftsmen, artisans, farmers and small businesses that proudly carry forward the heritage that is indigenous to India. You can visit the store at its physical location at DOT School of Design, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai. The online store will be launched soon.

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