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Ways to Become a Successful Interior Designer

A few people have an inborn talent for design. They find arranging furniture and decorating rooms easy and fun. Such people will have a bright future in interior design. But if you are aspiring to become an interior designer, consider a diploma in interior design to succeed. Start by glancing at the design templates or examples posted on the Internet. Add your unique touch and make them shine. You have to remember that the effort you put in to create an impressive design will help you grow strong in your career. Another simple tip is to keep refreshing your portfolio frequently as you sign up for new projects.

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An Overview of Diploma in Interior Design

Interior designing is about architecture and planning interior space aesthetically with appealing designs. There are different specialisations that one can pursue with a diploma in interior design, like environmental design, commercial interior design, home design, etc. The job profile of an interior designer is to:
  • Listen to the needs of the client’s goals, budgets and interests.
  • Finalise the design plans by using computer software.
  • Estimate the cost of the project.
  • Decide on a timeline to finish the project.
  • Supervise the design element installations.
  • Ensure that the clients are satisfied.
  • Look out for potential clients and gain new projects.

What Skills & Qualifications Do You Need for a Diploma in Interior Design?

If you want to become an interior designer, you should have certain skills and qualifications. They are:

  1. A school completion certificate is the first important criterion for applying for a diploma in interior design. However, more weightage is given if you have passed a few other interior design certificate courses and have experience in interior designing. There is an entrance exam conducted by the university that offers the diploma, and it is your responsibility to score high. Entrance exams test your knowledge of building codes, construction standards, design application, building permits, contract administration, project coordination, etc.
  2. Developing the design is a vital part of becoming an interior designer. You must be able to pay attention and interpret designs. For example, if you see a particular colour scheme or paint, you must be able to give your views on how it impacts the mood, style and subject matter. Therefore, you have to develop your sense of style and start thinking critically about everything surrounding you.
  3. Project management skills are an essential skill every interior designer should possess. As interior designers are in charge of a project from start to finish, they must have keen project management skills.
  4. Good communication is the key to getting the job done easily. When interior designers communicate effectively, they will be able to organise projects, complete work before deadlines, and interact with vendors, contractors and clients effortlessly. A diploma in interior design teaches its students how to communicate effectively to understand client expectations and make them happy.
  5. Computer-aided design (CAD) knowledge is a must-have for any interior design student. As the course is all about sketching and drawing with the help of software programs, a computer-aided design skill is necessary. You can either learn them before joining the course or grasp the subject knowledge after stepping into the interior designing program.

Ways to Become an Interior Designer in 5 Steps

In order to become an interior designer, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The ways to become a successful interior designer varies from one person to another depending on their strengths and weaknesses. We have consolidated a few methods on how to start a career path in interior designing. They are:

Honing Design Talent

Honing your talent in design is possible at any point of life regardless of one's age. Develop a keen sensibility to design:

  1. If you are going to get into a diploma in interior design.
  2. If you are planning to get into a related under graduation before pursuing interior design as a career.

Be aware of the surroundings like architecture, landscape and graphic design as everything has emotion and meaning. You have to visit museums, furniture galleries, book stores, vintage markets, and other places that showcase classic, bold, playful, futuristic and muted designs. :

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Studying Interior Design

If you want to seek interior design as your career, you have to gain a formal education like a diploma in interior design. A bachelor’s degree is a compulsory requirement, but few firms may sometimes prefer specialisations with a master’s degree. If you do not have a degree accredited by CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation), add value to your resume by finishing design-related courses like computer-aided design, fine arts or colour theory.

Seeking Formal Training

Once you graduate or acquire a diploma in interior design, you have to start creating a portfolio by building experience. Look out for jobs like apprenticeships or internships at a reputed interior design firm. In order to get an entry-level job, you will need a minimum experience of two years on any full-time job training.

Getting a License

Once you complete your diploma in interior design and gain adequate experience, you must gain a licence that shows that you are a qualified interior designer. The licence is a mandatory identification to prove that you are a professional interior designer and is of great concern if you are beginning your career.

Designing Choice

Working for a firm or starting your own small design business is your choice. After getting a licence, you can do any interior design job whichever triggers your passion and drives your soul to aspire more. However, if you are beginning your career after completing a diploma in interior design, get feedback from friends and family on your designs. This helps you test your product and get a detailed insight on how a client or job interviewer will view your design. Create a digital portfolio so that you can share it across easily as a pdf file. Once you have a sufficient number of designs in your portfolio, move to the next level by showcasing them through a video.

Wrap Up

An interior designer does everything from choosing colours to building codes. Follow the above steps if you are ready to dive into the interior design industry. DOTS school of design is one of the best B Des colleges in Chennai to educate and guide candidates on the extensive aspects of designing. We conduct special programs, site studies, and workshops to make students hone their talents and achieve great motivation to succeed in their careers.

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