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Modular Interior Furniture

One Year Course

Modular Interior Furniture course in the one-year undergraduate diploma curriculum is custom-designed for individuals from various backgrounds of education who have their interests and skills aligned with designing and manufacturing modular furniture for interior spaces such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, TV units, dressers, etc. The course is framed in a non-semester pattern. Students get to learn the basic and intermediate skills needed to create modular furniture for interiors through industrial methods and manufacturing. They will be introduced to the basic idea of design & aesthetics, followed by the intermediate level of skills on production, prototyping, estimation and taught with advanced knowledge on the standards, materials & processes. Students are supposed to finish with a diploma project which showcases the skills & knowledge that they learnt via the course.

Wooden staircase with railing and white riser with hanging light setup and wall mounted paintings
  • Basic Design Theory
  • Prototyping Process
  • Furniture Standards
  • Materials
  • Fabrication processes & methods
  • Estimation & Costing
  • Technical Drawing
  • Diploma Project


A student with a UG diploma in Modular Interior and Furniture from DOT is well equipped to practice on their own or to be placed as an intern under a firm or an individual who practices interiors and furniture making. The students can focus on any one particular area of modular furniture like modular kitchen, modular wardrobes, storage furniture, etc to create their own line of furniture and manufacturing with minimal investment. They can also become a turnkey technician for creating the necessary modular furniture for an entire space such as residences, offices, retail stores, etc.


This course equips the students with the essential skills required to be a first-rate Modular interior designer, such as creativity & sketching, 3D rendering, space & layout & the fundamentals of modular furnishing. The students develop the following skills during their term here,
  • Creative and practical skills.
  • Excellent sketching & design drawing skills
  • Computer design software for digital & 3D rendering i.e. AutoCAD/CAM/Coral Draw/ Rhino, etc.
  • Fundamentals of Design in Colour, Geometry, Materials, Form Space and Structures.
  • Presentational & Client Handling skills. These are an integral part of Interior Design, as the designers directly interact with the clients.


What is the eligibility for joining a one-year diploma course in Modular Interior Furniture design?
The students are required to possess the following minimum qualification to be able to pursue a UG Diploma in Modular Interior Furniture Design. In addition, one needs to pass the DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) to qualify. Know more details at https://www.dotsod.in/ admissions/.
  • MODE OF SELECTION - DOT-DAT(Design Aptitude Test) & Portfolio Submission
  • PREREQUISITE/ELIGIBILITY - Successful completion of 10th std / Secondary school
What is the Selection Criteria to Join UG Diploma in Modular Interior Furniture in DOT?

DOT School of Design conducts DOT-DAT (Design Aptitude Test) applicable for students interested to start their Design education at DOT. DOT-DAT comprises two levels –

  • Written Examination :
    Round 1 - Creative Quotient Test (CQ Test)
    Round 2 - On Table Test
  • Portfolio Submission

The students qualifying both the levels are selected for further counseling & admission procedures. For more information on DOT-DAT, Click here.

How long does the Online Diploma Course in Interior Design take to complete?
Modular Interior Furniture Design course in one-year undergraduate diploma curriculum.
Is Modular furniture designing popular abroad?

Modular Furniture Designing is popular both abroad and in India. With globalization & increasing demand for sophisticated designs at home, modular furniture is the most opted solution for both residential & commercial spaces all over the world. Hence, the opportunities in this specialization are vast and lucrative.

Will we have any expert training sessions, workshops and internships?

As DOT believes in imparting hands-on knowledge to the students, the curriculum includes frequent expert training sessions, practical sessions, guest lectures from industry experts, workshops & internship opportunities.
DOT also offers assistance programs to the students such as,

INCO - Industry Connect, which facilitates the students to directly interact & work with the industry professionals.
IRC - Incubation Research Centre, where the students are given 360° guidance to start up their own practice and to be entrepreneurs in this effervescent field.
Fablab - A fully equipped high-tech workspace that is accessible to the students as well as to any designer from the industry. The designers can also enlist the students as interns for their projects.

Will the language of instruction include Tamil?
Due to personalized teaching methodologies, the language barrier will be broken due to the use of regional & common languages such as Tamil, English, etc. Students are encouraged to improve their flair for the English language before the completion of the course to present their illustrations to an international audience, but it is not mandatory.
What is the fee and are there any financial assistance programs for the students?
For this diploma program, the fee of the entire course is Rs.75,000/-. Deserving candidates from underprivileged backgrounds are eligible for Scholarships through our outreach program, the CLAP initiative. Click here for more details.
What is my future after completing a UG diploma in Modular Interior Furniture Design at DOT School of Design?

The students have a plethora of opportunities awaiting them after their graduation. Because of a graduate certification from a recognized design institute, the students have more credibility once they enter the industry. Also, DOT offers various Industry connect programs that help the students get internships or placement options along with a strong foothold & contact database in the industry, even before entering it. Kindly refer to the career opportunities section on this page for more details.

Is there accommodation available for stay in the college?
Yes, the college has its accommodation facility with a canteen.
What are the facilities offered by DOT School of Design for the students of the UG Diploma course in Modular Interior Furniture Design ?

DOT School of Design is equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to train and inspire students. Students are provided with

  • open studios and lecture halls.
  • Fully equipped laboratories and research facilities.
  • Workshops & advanced equipments
  • Experienced faculties.
  • State of the art AV Room & Amphitheatre
  • Library & Interaction spaces
  • Hostel & Transportation Facilities
  • Wifi-enabled campus

To know more about the infrastructure at DOT, click here.

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