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Understanding The Closely Related Disciplines Of Art

Understanding The Closely Related Disciplines Of Art

For students aspiring to pursue a Communication Design, Visual Communication or Graphics Design course, it can be not very clear if he/she does not understand the basics of what these three art forms represent. The confusion often stems from the fact that these three disciplines are similar to each other. In reality, however, all three disciplines have distinct features that restrict one from the other. 

Let's take an in-depth look at what each art discipline represents and the opportunities they offer to students who enroll in the courses.

Understanding Graphic Design: A discipline with limited focus

Unlike Visual Communication or Communication Design, Graphic Design is a highly specialised field that focuses only on creating and implementing key graphics. These graphics are widely used to enhance advertisements (in print or video format), marketing campaigns, websites, and print materials such as magazines, posters, etc. Here are some interesting facts about Graphic Design:

    • Graphic Design is a powerful tool used to enhance a visual communication process or campaign.
    • Graphic designers focus on creating key design elements that help to improve a broader message or communication procedure. 
    • Graphic designers learn computer applications and the latest technologies related to graphics for websites, print media, and digital media. 
    • A graphic designer must also know the colour selection and new file formats to compress digital files into smaller sizes to make them more portable. 
    • Graphic design experts collaborate with visual communicators and work alongside them to render their expertise on subjects related to graphic design. 
    • On the job front, graphic designers are often hired to be a part of the design creation but not for the entire project. 
    • They often use tools such as PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, and all the latest technological advancements. 

Understanding Communication Design

Communication Design involves the use of elements to design or strategise ways to communicate effectively with the viewer. Any approach that is deployed to express a message clearly can be called a communication design. This art form also involves the creation of innovative communication channels that the communication designer can use. Here are the amazing features of Communication Design:

    • The main objective of Communication design is to deliver the message with maximum impact. 
    • Communication design involves working on the entire concept from start to finish and using any channel to deliver the message to the target audience.
    • The key elements of Communication Design include graphics, keywords, catchy phrases, specific jists of information, and a proper layout that decides which element should go where. 
    • The communication channels include audio, video, texts, animation, graphics, cartoons, music, apps, etc.
    • Communication designers have tremendous scope in web designing, branding, logo creation, product design, advertising, etc. 

Understanding Visual Communication

Visual communication does not exist without Communication Design and Graphic Design. It exists somewhere between the highly focused and specialised field of Graphic Design and the vast, generalised field of Communication Design. But it relates more to the use of visual images rather than text images to express a story or pass a message to the audiences.  Here's what it entails:

    • Visual communication uses many elements such as pictures, photos, typography, colour schemes, drawings, designs, branding, identity design, and illustrations. 
    • Students learning Visual Communication are taught to hone their technical tools, graphics design, animation, airbrushing, photography modification, and picture enhancement.
    • A course in Visual Communication opens multiple career opportunities in graphic design, communication design, professional photography, advertising, visual marketing, and web designing. 

What ties the three disciplines of art?

All three art disciplines are closely related to each other, although the consensus is that Visual Communication and Communication Design are more extensive than Graphic Design. But let's not forget that Graphic Design is a necessary art form, given the massive advancements in technological art tools and apps. 


To study and master any one of the three courses, students ought to have a natural affinity toward art and know the latest trends in the world of art. 

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