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How Visual Communication Course Is Gaining Popularity In Chennai

How Visual Communication Course Is Gaining Popularity In Chennai

When it comes to communication, most of us think words are best. The truth is different. Research has proven that words are an inefficient form of communication. So much so that they often hinder us. And there are plenty of statistics to prove it:

  • 50% of our brain is occupied with visual processing.
  • As compared to written directions, people who follow illustrative directions perform better by 323%.

The retention of something people here is only 10% after 3 days. But when the same information is paired with an image, the retention is as high as 65%! The fact of the matter is that our brains are hardwired for visual communication. We process images much faster. That implies that images and graphs work better at getting a message across. It is also why the popularity of every visual communication course in Chennai has grown over the past few years.

What Are The Benefits Of Visual Communication?

We pick up an example to explain the advantages visual communication brings to any business in Chennai. Let’s say you have to communicate to your team some changes to a website design. You have two options. One, write a long email describing each edit required. Two, take a screengrab of the relevant pages and mark the changes on them. Here are the advantages of opting for the latter.

  • It takes far less time to take a screenshot and mark the required edits than to write a long email.
    • You don’t have to worry about missing any edits because the image is right in front of you. (You also don’t have to take the extra effort to proofread an email)!
    • Your team gets explicit instruction on what tweaks they need to make. So, there is no back and forth between you and them due to misunderstandings. The probability of someone making a wrong change or missing a step is very low.
    • Lastly, the process is far faster and efficient than coordinating and scheduling a meeting to get the same points across.

Facts About Visual Communication That Pay You Back

    • It saves time.

Visual communication relays messages faster. It takes less than a tenth of a second to get a sense of a visual scene. That’s less time than you take to read one sentence.

We process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Further, images, graphs and videos offer a richer experience as compared to just text. So, when businesses use visual communication, they not only get their point across faster. They also ensure that the viewer’s attention is retained.

In a world where time and consumer attention is gold, these paybacks are priceless.

    • It ensures retention. 

Whether it is your employees or your customer, visual communication is the best choice if you want people to retain information. Studies have demonstrated that the proper use of visuals helps people remember more information and for a longer time.

We recall only 10 to 20% of what we read or listen to. But we recall 80% of what we see and do. That’s a massive jump in retention.

    • It relays clear messages. 

A major issue with reading is that each person has a different understanding of the text. This can create discrepancies, especially for businesses. Visual communication has no such troubles. It delivers a clear, explicit and unified message.


Because everyone gains the same understanding, visuals also create a shared and consistent experience. This is crucial for branding and identity. For instance, by using the same colours, logos or design in all business messaging, you create better recall and deeper awareness in customers.

Where Can You Use Visual Communication To Make Life Simpler?

There is no denying that words alone can’t get your message across. Even if they do, it is rarely concise or clear. By adding visuals, you save your and the other person’s time. There is less confusion and fewer feedback loops. With that in minds, let’s unwrap how you can use visuals to make life simpler. 

    • In your emails. 

The simplest and the most effective use of visual communication is in emails. And this rule is applicable not just for businesses in Chennai but for everyone. Emails are the lifeblood of communication. Some of us parse through dozens of them every day. 

By adding screengrabs or images, you reduce the time and effort you put into writing. It will make your email more engaging and convey your point more explicitly. 

    • In your mood board.

The reason Pinterest is so successful is that it allows for visuals. Do the same for your inspiration mood board. Instead of saving links or copy-pasting text, take screenshots. Save images and videos. Build a visual library. So next time you require inspiration, all you need to do is glance through it. 

    • In your feedback.

If you are a client, customer or manager who has to provide feedback on a project, use visuals. Offering or receiving feedback is never easy. It can often lead to long paragraphs and language that is open to interpretation. 

When you use visual communication to provide feedback, there is no room for misunderstanding. Everyone remains on the same page, not to say that it is a much swifter process. The feedback is incorporated quickly, and the approval happens sooner. 

To sum up:

The evidence is overwhelming. Visual communication is all but crucial. When you include images, graphics and videos in any messaging, it helps both the sender and the receiver. For businesses, it can make a world of difference to their strategic communication plan. 

So, if you’re not already using visuals, now is the time. And if you feel creating images is a talent only graphic designers have, worry not. A simple visual communication course from a good design college in Chennai is all you require. It will teach you the basic tools to convey your message through images and graphics!

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