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Visual Communication : A Powerful Tool

Visual Communication : A Powerful Tool

A visual image has a better impact than words. That is why wise people said, "A picture can speak a thousand words." It has a lot to do with how our brain processes images and words. A visually captivating image is processed simultaneously by anyone. A message with words is only processed sequentially, thus proving the human brain is more predisposed to memorizing, recognizing, and understanding images. 

An in-depth study about Visual Communication suggests that a message can be enhanced upto 40% when visual aids are used as presenters. Concepts and ideas are better understood with visual images because they remain etched in memory for years. This is one reason why kindergarten and elementary school education heavily rely on visual images to help children understand the basic concepts of language, numbers, and science.


Visual communication is an extensive art form. Visually appealing graphics can be as simple as stick figures or complicated as art from the Renaissance period. But they can deliver the kind of impact that words cannot. 

This article enumerates the various interesting and important facts about Visual Communication that give us a better understanding of this art form.

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Important Facts To Know About Visual Communication

    • It affects us cognitively.

Visual images sharpen our cognitive understanding, which directly impacts one's ability to retain and recollect the image and the message even after a considerable amount of time. A visual image combined with a textual message is more than enough to decode the text and attract attention to information. 

    • It affects us emotionally.

Pictures have a strange way of impacting our emotions and attitudes towards the message, which profoundly affects our decisions. Visuals help in engaging the imagination and heightening our creative thinking to understand the presented material better.

    • It is very reliable.

Visual communication is one of the oldest forms of communication. It is also one of the most primitive art forms that people rely on. No special education is needed to understand a visual image. A well-depicted image can convey anything from simple social messages to complicated, emotional ones.

    • It increases the credibility of an image.

An image, video, or pictograph delivers the information and helps win the trust of the audience who view it. It guarantees a positive response from the target audience and reinforces the credibility of the idea, product, or service it represents.

    • It evokes an audience response.

Audiences tend to turn a deaf ear to boring, repetitive text information. Not everyone has the patience to read a message, and the chances of retaining and recollecting a message are almost nil. In that case, there is almost no way a worded message can elicit a response or reaction from the audience. But a visual image has the potential to spark a response almost immediately. It is a powerful tool for purposes such as brand building and conveying social messages.

    • It grabs the viewer's attention.

Without images, words cannot do much to grab the reader's or viewer's attention. People are more likely to look at, read, and remember an article that has images relevant to the topic of discussion. Even the simplest pictograms and charts can speak more than what actual words can. Pictures and images increase the chances of viewership for an article, blog, or even simple one-line information. 

    • It is universally understood.

Unlike words, an image has no limitations. It transcends the geographical, ethnic, cultural and language boundaries. With one powerful image, one can create a worldwide impact. Global brands often bank on these criteria to promote their products or services through advertisements predominantly filled with visually appealing images. Such promotional ads deliver desired results within a very short period.

    • It delivers direct messages.

Pictograms, charts, graphs, and pie diagrams are to the point of delivering the information. There is no beating around the bush with ambiguous words. It works well for the presenter and the audience, as the latter understands the information almost instantly, and the former presents the point without any confusion.

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