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Fashion Technology

DOT Content Team
June 10, 2022
6 min read

Fashion, the word takes you to the world of jazzy clothes, sparkling jewellery, trendy footwear, and glazing glares from all over the world. Fashion has become part of the lifestyle of every man out there. From the city of fashion Paris to Vegas to our ‘ Mumbai’ has been the trendsetters of fashion making it a big industry work in. Many big fashion tycoons like Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherji, Tory Burch, Folorunsho Alkija, etc have already established their name in this industry and many are moving out to make it. With growing popularity, the industry is inviting people to come and change the face of the industry to be the name in the industry. It deals with various aspects of fashion, designing, printing, marketing, quality control, merchandizing of various textiles, apparels, garments accessories.

In DOT, we introduce the students to learn some basic knowledge on fashion and then cover the daily skills and qualifications that every fashion designer should possess. The students will gain an understanding of textile fibres, yarns and fabrics and where to source them. They will be able to complete patterns, structure garments correctly and understand the various draping techniques available. Identifying where to source fabrics is key, along with patternmaking, sizing and measuring a garment correctly.

It not only teaches the basics of the industry but quit also equip students with sharp creativity skills which are the core element of the course. The course may also make you equipped with complete knowledge of the industry to help you to research the trends in the market and analyze them to understand the product differentiations on different bases. The deeper knowledge of fashion helps you to bring in trends in the industry and innovate it with your creativity for getting into this career.

Completing the study in the fashion design course opens the doors to the industry of glamour. Many career options open for the one. It's not only the fashion designer you can become but one can go for an amazing career in merchandising, technical designer, fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, quality control manager, fashion writer, fashion photographer, fashion research analyst, blogger or a fashion adviser and also a fashion Producer or one can go Fashion writer and fashion photographer, etc. it all goes with your creativity and hard work.

fashion designer

The scope of this career is very high in India and abroad too. One who wishes to move abroad has a very bright chance to go in through this industry and fulfil his dreams. Some of the famous and successful fashion designers are Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Donna Karan, Pierre Cardin. Many companies in the industry are hiring people with the increasing scope of industry in the world. The fashion houses, fashion designers, event management companies, film and TV products houses, Magazines, blogs, e-magazines and many companies like

  • Shopper stop,
  • Tommy Hilfiger,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Levis,
  • Lee,
  • Reliance trends,
  • Puma, etc recruit people from this stream with attractive packages.

For higher studies, one can go for masters in fashion designing from esteemed institutes as MA or MTECH/ME in fashion designing from some good college or university. A master's degree would be the icing on the cake giving you specialization and promoting you in the industry.

The degree is worth for everyone who loves fashion, innovation, and have the creativity to set trends. It is more fun in the work than the burden if you love to create, have a taste of fashion with a handsome amount in your hand

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