DOT Art Gallery, an initiative by DOT School of Design aims to provide a space and time for artists both from within and outside of the institution. We believe building the network of artists and a space to showcase their work would contribute to the empowerment of contemporary artists in Chennai city. This initiative also helps the upcoming artists to express their dissent without worrying about the boundaries of arts. Art is boundless, we don't want to fit the idea of a gallery in a white cube, we open it up to possibilities. We explore places for our exhibits and make it accessible to everyone. Read more about our current exhibitions below and we have more lined up!
About The Art Show

Chaaturmasyam is a special spiritual occasion when His Holiness Shri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamiji devotes himself to meditation and other spiritual practices for a few months staying in one place, Orikkai, Kanchipuram. During this observance, devotees visit Swamiji to acquire his blessings.

With Swamiji and devotees gathered in one place for a prolonged time, DOT School of Design has planned to organise an art show - Irai Idam Ivar, displaying the enlivening art forms of deities by Shri Manivelu at the Orikkai Manimandapam for a month. All devotees who come there to seek the blessings of Swamiji will have an opportunity to behold the paintings in the gallery and be able to apprehend the embellishments of deities in the temples, that were in practice almost three decades ago, through these paintings.

This one month art show ends with a closing convocation ceremony on the last three days at DOT School of Design, Chennai. All the paintings will be brought from Kancheepuram and be displayed in the college venue for the public here. This is an opportunity extended to devotees who cannot visit Kanchipuram, can get themselves soaked in the divine paintings here at DOT, Chennai.

20/09/2021 to 15/10/2021
Mahaswami Shatabdi Manimandapam, Orikkai, Kanchipuram
19/10/2021 to 20/11/2021
DOT Art Gallery, DOT School of Design, Ambattur, Chennai
About The Artist

Shri. Manivelu was born in the year 1941 to Shri Arumuga Achariyar in the village of Sikkal. The family, with the blessings of Shri Sikkal Singaravelavar, was contributing to the society of bhakthi, by creating deity sculptures. It was a blessing to Shri. Manivelu to have his dad as his guru. His father’s art form of sculptures, especially a sculpture of the chrysanthemum flower, induced his interest in drawing images. He delved into spiritualism through his art forms and never had considered this as a means of income or a hobby. He paid his fullest concentration to depict this truest form of bhakthi under the guidance of his beloved father, understanding the nuances of Shilpa Sastra. His reputed gurus are Kalaimagal artist Shri Kumaraswamy and Shri Mahadevan a.k.a Maya.

His divine art forms have been presented in popular magazines like Gnyana Boomi, "Hinduism Today” (from Hawaii islands), Sakthi Vikatan etc. The art form of the "Thithi Devadas" is his spectacular achievements. Shri MAM Chidambaram Chettiyar recognised his 40 years’ dedication to this art by rewarding him in the year 2017.

The octogenarian, honorable legend Shri Manivelu has been bestowed by the blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Shri Jayandara Saraswathy and Shri Shri His Holiness Sri Viiyendra Saraswathi Swamijis at his residence in 1995.

Shri. Manivelu
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