DOT Art Gallery, an initiative by DOT School of Design aims to provide a space and time for artists both from within and outside of the institution. DOT Art Gallery is founded to exhibit and support art, design, workshops and lectures. Over the years, the Gallery aims to grow into a nationally and internationally recognized space that presents consistently acclaimed exhibitions, lectures, workshops and artist commissions that prioritize interpretative reflection and critical inquiry and engage multiple communities.
Our exhibitions and programs would present a broad range of art works, both traditional and contemporary, with aesthetic concerns that would bring together the artist community, students, critics and general public under one roof, as we believe building this network of artists and a space to showcase their work would contribute to the empowerment of contemporary artists in Chennai city. This initiative also helps the upcoming artists to express their dissent without worrying about the boundaries of arts.

Art is boundless, we don't want to fit the idea of a gallery in a white cube, we open it up to possibilities. We explore places for our exhibits and make it accessible to everyone. Therefore the dot art gallery will actively position its exhibitions, workshops and public programs as transformational experiences, as opportunities with which to build community, as avenues for learning as it would be a platform for aspiring art students. Our programs will ignite intellectual curiosity and creative innovation, and empower students to expand the boundaries of what is possible, making an impact on the world.

Read more about our current exhibitions and we have more lined up!

Rent the Gallery

Many artists and designers host art shows to display their art and sell their art works. Their main and important requirement for the art show is “the space”. This space is generally rented out by Art Galleries for the art shows.

DOT Art Gallery provides space for art practitioners who work across different mediums and disciplines.You can also conduct an auction or set up an expo with stalls in the 200-seater DOT Multipurpose Hall or present to the visitors your working documentaries in the Dolby atmos DOT AV Theatre. Make your next art show unique and impactful in our space!

Established as well as emerging artists alike are particularly fond of this type of immaculate space. DOT Art Gallery is such a space to suit every art show illuminated with many spotlights highlighting your artworks, and you as an artist!

Top reasons to host with us:

  • Accessible location
  • You can book in 4 easy steps - click the below Contact Us button, fill the form, pay the rate and confirm the slot
  • Nominal rental rates
  • Can block the space for any number of available days

Latest Show

Irai Idam Ivar Latest
@DOT School of Design
17/11/2021 to 03/01/2022
A fifty-day inaugural art show of DOT Art Gallery exhibiting paintings of theological artist Shri Manivelu

Past Shows

Irai Idam Ivar
20/09/2021 to 15/10/2021
A forty-five days art show at Orikkai during the month of Chaaturmasyam brought in many VIPs and visitors to the art show.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 17/11/21
2:30 PM - 4:30PM

Dr. Sudha Seshayyan,
The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University

Mr. M. Sovan Kumar,
Regional Secretary,
Lalit Kala Akademi

DOT School of Design
10/7, 3rd Main road,
Off Chennai Bypass Road,
Ambattur Industrial Estate -
South Phase, Chennai - 600058
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