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Curious about what higher studies will best suit them?


Is your child a Creative Genius?
Have they always viewed the world differently with an obsession to learn about how everything works?

Did you know that some specific tell-tale signs can reveal how creative your child actually is.

Take this Creative self-awareness test to understand where in the creative spectrum your child stands.

What is it?
The test is a set of questions which tries to understand how strong your child's empathetic and creative side is.
Why take this test?
  • Understand your child’s potential so that you can guide them accurately in choosing the right career path which best suits their personality.
  • The mainstream higher education programs don’t excite your creative child.
  • Learn about the various higher educational opportunities for your child’s unique score.
Who is it for?
  • Students who have finished or in their 12th standard (or any equivalent program)
  • Creative students looking to explore more options for higher education.

To take the free test

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