Curious about what higher studies will best suit them?


Is your child a Creative Genius?
Have they always viewed the world differently with an obsession to learn about how everything works?

Did you know that some specific tell-tale signs can reveal how creative your child actually is.

Take this Creative self-awareness test to understand where in the creative spectrum your child stands.

What is it?
The test is a set of questions which tries to understand how strong your child's empathetic and creative side is.
The mannequin is dressed up in fashion in the design college of four female students
Why take this test?
  • Understand your child’s potential so that you can guide them accurately in choosing the right career path which best suits their personality.
  • The mainstream higher education programs don’t excite your creative child.
  • Learn about the various higher educational opportunities for your child’s unique score.
Who is it for?
  • Students who have finished or in their 12th standard (or any equivalent program)
  • Creative students looking to explore more options for higher education.

To take the free test

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