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Furniture Design

DOT Content Team
May 23, 2022
2 min read

Furniture design is a specialized field where function and fashion collide. Furniture design is very close to several industries including interiors, aviation, hospital equipment, and even crafts. In our country, it is more of a skill-based and artisan based industry and there were very few product designers. As a furniture design, you will be responsible for producing designs for furniture and related products which can be utilized at home, office, hotel, restaurant, or any other place keeping in mind the aesthetical and creative appeal.

The job may involve a lot of research and planning. You have to travel to various places in order to look for inspiration for your designs. Research is only one part of your profile, the job also involves designing a product on software and also to calculate its cost. As a furniture designer, you will also have to work along with a craftsman and make him deliver your desired product.

The skills which a furniture designer should possess are 1. One should have an eye for detail and a mind for ideas.2. Artistic temperament.3. Knowledge of industrial production systems or of craft systems which includes a thorough knowledge of materials and finishes.4. An understanding of architectural or interior spaces.

Office setup with furniture

You don’t have to cut wood and start crafting in order to become a furniture designer. Designing is all about aesthetic and creative mind. If you have that creativity in you, then you can definitely become one of the finest designers. In order to get acquainted with the world of patterns and designs, you can pursue your graduation from a fashion or design institute. You can then join an organization that deals with furniture and related items. Some of the famous furniture designers are, Eileen gray, Jasper Morrison, Mark Wilkinson, Leonard Wyburd. Top furniture designers are B &B Italia, BRABBU, Kartell, Boca do Lobo, FENDI casa.

The pros and cons of this career is that work involves constant creative exploration with a scale of production and quick turn around projects for individual expression. You also get recognized late in your career and India’s furniture industry is in the process of maturing and it will be a while before it draws upon indigenous design, not much awareness about the industry. There is not much awareness of the industry. Not many people pay for this service retail and entrepreneurs prefer importing furniture, rather than nurturing indigenous systems of design and production.

Professionals with furniture design degrees can often secure employment in furniture design firms. These types of furniture design careers usually involve creating traditional furniture designs for mass production.

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