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Communication Design – A Popular Career Choice

DOT Content Team
June 20, 2021
8 min read

Over the past decade, design has traversed a long way to become one of the most sought after courses and careers. It has been quite a journey for a field that was once perceived to be not more than a hobby or a passion. Today, design is a valued field with exceedingly favourable career prospects.
Communication Design, in particular, is a much-talked-about career choice in design. The up-and-coming field is full of promising opportunities in graphic design, animation, UX and UI design , information design, and print media design, to name just a few. The discipline is a blend of design principles, multimedia tools, and animation. It serves as an audio-visual language to attract and inform the target audience about a product or service. Today, Communication Design is an indispensable innovative tool for building brands, boosting sales, or supporting a humanitarian cause. The ads on TV, your favourite mobile apps and video games are all a part of Communication Design.

On the academic side, Communication Design is now a much sought-after course, inspiring and nurturing youngsters brimming with creativity and technical agility. Communication design colleges in Chennai and all across India are witnessing a massive surge in demand for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Youngsters are making a beeline for Communication Design programs that fuel their creative passion and brighten career prospects.

This field rolls out the red carpet for fresh undergraduates, marking their first step as Junior Designer with a design studio or a freelancer. From there, the opportunities are endless. Let’s further explore the professional opportunities in Communication Design:

6 Excellent Career Opportunities In Communication Design

1. Information Designer

The primary job of an Information Designer is to enhance the presentation of texts, figures, and facts with infographics and make them appealing to the reader or viewer. Information designers are responsible for blending non-visual elements and graphics to create a result that appeals to the end-user.

To flourish in this career, you need creative and aesthetic skills to present even a boring piece of information in an attention-grabbing fashion. Additionally, your proficiency in statistical analysis, typography, and understanding human behaviour will propel your career prospects in the right direction.

2. UI/UX Designer

UI and UX are the mantras of today’s digital opportunities. Driven by end-user demand, every digital product is designed with these two aspects in mind. And with digital adoption happening at lightning speed, there is an indispensable need for UI and UX designers worldwide.

An UX and UI designer’s primary responsibility is to create a digital product or design that is intuitive and interactive enough to solve the problems faced by end-users. Their main objective is to enhance the overall experience of the user. If it is a mobile application, the UI/UX designer will have to research, test and design the technical structure on which the application runs.

3. Web and App Designers

The explosive growth of apps and websites have fuelled the increasing need for creative and technically sound websites and application designers. The unstoppable growth of digital technology and the ever-increasing smartphone usage are clear signs that web and app designers will always be in demand.

The fundamental job of web and app designers is to build websites and apps that function on various devices. They are responsible for strategically engaging the user with the right graphics, colours, and texts. Career opportunities in this field are endless, and those with the skill to understand and implement innovative ideas are always in great demand.

4. Type Designer

Fonts are ubiquitous. Right from this article that you are reading now to those used in websites, apps, magazines, newspapers, invitations, brochures, billboards and store displays, the world of fonts is extensive. A type designer is the person behind all these fonts. They are the creative minds who design and craft typefaces and font families as a profession.

It is common for type designers to be mistaken as typographers, although the two fields are quite different. But typography is a skill requirement for type designers. Aspiring graphic designers who are raring to explore and create a niche can venture into type designing.

5. Print Media Designer

Print designers are responsible for designing informative, appealing, engaging, and palatable elements for the reader. They specialise in conceptualising designs, preparing mockups, and creating the final draft for printing. Highly skilled graphic designers have excellent prospects in print media.

Print media encompasses everything that goes under print. This category includes your daily morning newspaper, glossy magazines, informative periodicals and interesting novels. Currently, the advent of digital media has significantly broadened the career prospects for skilled print media designers. Digital media houses are ready to hire experienced professionals to create and maintain digital marketing materials like webpages, landing pages, HTML mailers and digital ads.

6. Animation

There are opportunities galore for skilled communication designers who want to make a mark in animation. This umbrella term is the gateway to becoming developers in multimedia web graphics and animation for web and smartphone applications.

Advertising agencies and production houses hire communication designers with proficiency in multimedia designing and editing skills. These skills can also land you in enviable jobs with gaming and mobile companies and graphic design studios.


Skill Requirements To Excel As A Communication Design Professional

Communication Design has a lot to do with creativity and technical skills, which are the basic prerequisites to excel in this field. Additional skill requirements include:

  • Innate artistic ability
  • Good visualisation skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Presentational skills
  • Interest in extensive research
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Ability to feel movement and timing
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to coordinate and work together as a team

With this set of skills and your certification in Communication Design, there is no stopping you from grabbing the best career offers! This field is also capable of creating new careers (like conversation designer) as the world becomes highly competitive and technically sound.

Design your future with DOT School of Design’s Communication Design course

DOT School of Design, the leading B.Des College in Chennai offers a 4-year Bachelor course in Communication Design. When they graduate, our students are endowed with boundless scope and skills to excel in their chosen career paths. To know more about our course and its career opportunities, swing by here.

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