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National Education Excellence Award

DOT Content Team
October 7, 2021
2 min read

“Leading & Most Promising Design College of the Year 2021” & “Outstanding Virtual Knowledge Delivery During Pandemic” awards by National Education Excellence Awards & Conference

In the midst of the pandemic, when the world had come to a standstill, the academicians’ mettle was put to test. Propagating learning and education is quintessential during a child’s and young adult’s developmental phases. Realizing this, the academicians at DOT were proactive in devising effective online learning which wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the course. 

Along with swift pandemic measures and for its performance in the Design education sector of South India, DOT was awarded the “Leading & Most Promising Design College of the Year 2021” and “Outstanding Virtual Knowledge Delivery During Pandemic” awards in the National Education Excellence Award Ceremony & Conference organized by Begin-Up Research Intelligence. 

Design being a hands-on course, it was challenging to come up with a solution that effectively delivered the knowledge virtually. At the early onset of the pandemic, online classes were announced and the institute ensured the safe transportation of all their students to their homes and hometowns. College was closed shortly afterward and hence began their tryst with online classes and different mediums of education. Both the staff and students were supportive of the change and hence the adaptation to the new norm of classroom education was made efficient. 

After the government relaxed the lockdown, offline classes were resumed with minimal students. Only Masters and B.Des students were asked to resume sessions offline. The institute was sanitized every day. Social distancing and masks became mandatory along with screening the temperatures of the guests at the entrance. 

DOT School of Design’s prolific contributions to the expansion of Design education and awareness in India, especially Southern India, was made possible by its extensive initiatives such as CLAP , INCO & Fablab. Creative Learning Assistance Program (CLAP) helps students from government schools to transpile their creative education dreams into realities even if they don’t have the means to pursue them. 100% Scholarships are offered to deserving candidates through a Creative Quotient examination.

Industrial Connect Program or INCO was established to give the students of DOT the opportunity to understand the workings of the industries via multiple projects, internships, workshops & guest lectures. The AALA division of INCO aims at creating a Design Hub in the metropolitan city of Chennai so that design has more visibility and all resources are made available to the budding designers in the country. 

DOT’s honest contributions to the proliferation of the design field were recognized by the committee members and hence was felicitated with these two prestigious awards. DOT’s grateful for the honor and promises to uphold the design doctrine as dreamt by Nehru when the Nation was rebuilt post-colonization. 

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