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‘Shiksha Bharati Award’ by Indian Achievers Forum

DOT Content Team
August 26, 2021
2 min read

Indian Achievers Forum brings together individuals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, Educationalists, activists, professionals, et al on a common platform and honours them for their exceptional work with Achiever’s Award in different Categories. The awards are given to felicitate the people of Indian Origin in National & International platforms under more than 20 categories.

The ‘Shiksha Bharati Award’ commemorates the exceptional work in the field of education which proliferates the education sector of India both locally and overseas. DOT School of Design is the humble recipient of this prestigious award for the year of 2021 for their meritorious work in the field of design education.

DOT School of Design was established to bridge the gap between academia and the fierce requirements of the Design industry. The learning culture at DOT provides expeditionary teaching techniques which facilitates hands-on experience for the students. The Industry Connect (INCO) Program at DOT directly involves the students and experts from the industry to synergize and collaborate on projects. The professionals can also be a part of the syllabus formulation process. INCO aims at building a Design Hub in the Metropolitan city of Chennai through their networking division, ‘AALA’. The Fablab  Initiative at DOT provides a space for independent designers and creators to use the College resources for their projects on a subscription and can collaborate with the students for the same. The Creative Learning Assistance Program, or  CLAP, is the institute’s outreach program which initiates school students from all socio-economic backgrounds to receive creative education which helps in their overall skill development. Along with their creative education modules, CLAP also provides 100% Scholarship to deserving candidates through their Creative Quotient examination.

When Nehru predicted Design education was the future of India, he helped set up the first design institute in India. But ‘Design Education’ took a backseat despite ‘Design’ being a forerunner in every field known to man. Years later, Mr. Raammnath, the Chairman of DOT School of Design, instituted Chennai’s first exclusive Design college to provide quality design education to the people of India, especially Southern India

Despite the lockdown, setbacks and hurdles, the institute has managed to achieve what it was instituted for, which is to spread Design Awareness to the population of Southern India and to offer Quality Design Education to the students, thereby aiding in the Nation Building process. Having recognised this, Indian Achievers Forum, the prestigious committee that promotes and encourages trailblazers from various fields who contribute to Nation Building, has bequeathed DOT School of Design with the ‘Shiksha Bharati Award, 2021’.

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