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Interface Design

DOT Content Team
August 10, 2020
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User interface design is the process of making interfaces in computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. Designers focus on creating designs and users will find it easy to use and pleasurable. UI design refers to graphical user interfaces but also includes ones such as voice-controlled ones. The user interface is the access points where users interact with designs. Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are designs’ control interfaces involve oral-auditory interaction, while gesture-based interfaces witness users engaging with 3D design spaces via bodily motions. User interface design involves building a necessary part of the user experience. Users judge designs on usability and likeability.

Designers think about building interfaces that users will find highly usable and efficient. Thus, a thorough understanding of the context users will find themselves in when making those judgments is crucial. You must create the illusion that users are not interacting with a device as they’re trying to attain goals directly and as effortlessly as possible. This is in line with the intangible nature of software- instead of depositing icons on a screen, you should make the interface effectively visible, offering users portals through which they can interact directly with the reality of their tasks. Your design should have as many enjoyable features as are appropriate.

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Often confused with UX design, UI design is more concerned with the surface and overall feel of a design, whereas the latter converts the entire spectrum of the user experience. In GUIs, you should create pleasing aesthetics and animations that convey your organization’s values and maximum usability.

UX Design concept

User interface design can dramatically affect the usability and user experience of an application. If a user interfaces design is too complex or not adapted to targeted users, the user may not be able to find the information or service they are looking for. In website design, this can affect conversion rates. The layout of a user interface design should also be clearly set out for users so that elements can be found in a logical position by the user.

User interface designs should be optimized so that the user can operate an application as quickly and easily as possible. A lot of experts believe that UI design should be simple and intuitive. Often sing metaphors from non-computer systems. With a more intuitive user interface design, users are able to navigate around a website frequently, finding the product or service they need quickly. One way to check the intuitiveness of a user interface design is through usability testing. The feedback from usability testing can then be used to optimize the user interface design of a prototype or final product.

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