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Wondering How To Choose The Right Fashion Design College?

Wondering How To Choose The Right Fashion Design College?

Formal education in fashion designing is an important step for any fashion enthusiast. It is a stepping stone toward entering the fashion industry. Fashion education is a fairly new kid around the block, especially in India. Fashion design colleges in India are in the development stage, yet you get different design courses that are well crafted and are constantly evolving. As the top B.Des College in Chennai we offer the best design courses formulated by eminent architects and designers. We have experienced and skilled faculties who handle the courses which industrial experts guide. We recommend design courses for students who have the passion and skills for fashion designing.

Formal education in fashion will hone your skills, make you industry-ready, and offer many opportunities that will otherwise be tough to achieve. The fashion design degrees will give you identification in the fashion industry and make you eligible for a successful career. 

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Tips To Choose The Right Fashion Design College In Chennai

Selecting the right design college is an important decision that will influence your career. Even if you have the unique talent to design, formal and basic training in fashion design must be done from the right place. Your choice of design college will play an important role in your success in the fashion industry. Some of the factors that will make you pick a college are the cost, curriculum, teachers, and specialisation. 


Compare The Fees 

It is helpful to make a comparison of the fee structure of different colleges. Doing a basic fashion design course that is overpriced will not help. Or, getting overwhelmed by the brand and status of the college can also be futile. Cost is an important factor. There are very few design colleges in India located in prominent cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune that offer very limited seats. A handful of them has quality design education. 

The basic human tendency is to relate quality with cost. Low fees colleges do offer effective instruction, but that is a rarity. Colleges with low fees might not have professional teaching staff or will not hire industrial experts for guidance. You will have to select a well-equipped college that will match your budget.

Compare The Curriculum 

Before choosing the colleges, you must compare the curriculum offered by different colleges. The nature of course given by the colleges and the kind of opportunity they provide will help us in our career. They must offer good project works, hands-on activities, and competitions that will give you the taste of actual work. It will help you in the long run. 

Check The Specialisations They Offer

There is a spectrum of design courses for various specialisations in the fashion industry.  The field of fashion design covers a wide array of disciplines that will influence your career choice. Specialisation in a particular domain, like, footwear designing, jewellery designing, textile designing, will make you an expert in the field. 

Check The Teaching Faculty

Choose a college that offers the best teaching staff and teacher to student ratio. A small class size means a better focus on teaching. Education might suffer if the class size is huge.   

Points To Consider Before Enrolling In A Fashion Design College In Chennai

The different techniques used by designers are evolving, and the student will understand that through formal education.  When choosing a college to study fashion design, consider the following points:

  • Assess the quality of education and opportunities provided by the college. 
  • Ensure that the curriculum meets the international standards of the fashion industry and current trends. 
  • The institute should offer expert guidance in technical and creative aspects of the field apart from what is provided in the curriculum. 
  • The curriculum should give you more exposure to the fashion industry and help you understand the underlying challenges you will have to face. 
  • The training should help students stay updated with the evolving trends. 
  • The study environment need not be luxurious but enough to have formal training in fashion designing. 

If you have access, getting to know the alumni is another way to find the effectiveness of the education offered by the institute. The alumni will have the right opinion about the college and the kind of training and opportunities it offers. Reviews and comments about the college will help you understand the standard of the college to a certain extent.

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