PG Diploma - One year
PG Diploma - Two year
PG Diploma - One year
PG Diploma - Two year

Film and Video Design


The 2-year Post Graduate Diploma in Film and Video Design allows students to have an in-depth knowledge and exposure about communication design and visual storytelling with video as the primary medium.


The course is centered on understanding the design and aesthetics values of creating an effective video/film at the same time making sure that the message reaches the target audience.With a good understanding about the theoretical as well as technical aspects of film-making, the student develops holistic conceptual abilities that are adaptable to changing technologies. The curriculum is designed so as to equip the students to develop creative and innovative design solutions and have a successful career in the field, whether it is as professionals or as independent practitioners.

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The digital era has opened up opportunities for film-makers. With digital formats replacing celluloid, the students with PG diploma in Film and Video Design from DOT will have a wide range of opportunities. Other than the standard path of moving on to make feature films for the film industry, the course equips students to take up careers in advertising, television, online content etc. A student can find opportunities in a number of leading production houses that produce ad films for reputed companies, thereby gaining expertise to work in the direction or production department.

If the student has specific interest towards creative writing, then he/she can find umpteen opportunities to work in the creative team of a number of leading advertising agencies, starting as a copywriter and work towards developing brands, writing scripts, developing campaigns and building brand identity. In the television industry, there is a heavy demand for young film and video graduates to work as promo producers.

All leading channels in news, entertainment, sports etc. are constantly looking out for talented film and video graduates who can develop promotional films for their content (shows, series, events etc.). Such opportunities are now opened up in digital channels and OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, hot star etc. Students graduating this course will equip themselves with all required skill sets to make a well designed and professional video/film.

They will also have a holistic and market focused understanding about the creative aspects of the course that enables them to be independent video/film makers or even an entrepreneur.

  • Film theory
  • Creativity and mind mapping
  • Colour and composition
  • Film language
  • Photography
  • Direction
  • Script writing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Sound design
  • Production design
  • Acting workshop
  • Visual effects in films
  • Product management and budgeting
  • Diploma project

D- SPRAC: A Design incubation & research initiation

D-SPARC is a design-focused community of ambitious and passionate problem solvers who have a pragmatic yet futuristic approach to research and development.D-SPARC aspires to mold and shape its members to be responsible creators, participative collaborators and successful leaders.


In order to enroll in the FILM AND VIDEO DESIGN course at DOT, which has a limited number of seats, we require certain competencies from our students. Such as

  • Visualization Techniques,
  • Innovation and Creativity,
  • Very good eye for detail,
  • Observational Techniques,
  • Communication Proficiency,
  • Business Knowledge,
  • Visual Thinking,
  • Persuasiveness,
  • understanding of both traditional and contemporary FILM AND VIDEO DESIGN TRENDS.
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