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The Benefits Of Plywood For Modular Kitchens

A modular kitchen is like a shiny new accessory. Whether it's a new home or a renovation, everyone wants a modular kitchen.

These modern kitchens have captivated people globally, and new designs and trends are coming up every day. Modular kitchens are a perfect blend of functionality and aestheticism. A well-planned modern kitchen is like a piece of art forged with the finest building material.

Amongst the long list of materials used, plywood plays an indispensable role in creating fantastic modular kitchens. For the past decade, plywood has been the foremost choice of builders because it ensures the longevity of the kitchen. Why plywood? This simple question deserves an elaborate explanation that we've provided in this article.

This post will explore why plywood makes a great choice for modular kitchens and which type is best.

What Is Plywood, And How Is It Useful?

Plywood is not natural wood. It is engineered wood made by glueing several thin veneer sheets under tremendous pressure to create one plywood board. Unlike other woods, plywood doesn't shrink or crack due to the way its grains are arranged. Besides, plywood has many benefits which justify its popularity in the modular kitchen industry. It is the most sought-after material because it is:

  • More affordable than natural wood
  • Highly appealing with a good quality and natural beauty
  • Available in multiple thicknesses, add-ons, grades, and finishes
  • Sustainable, recyclable, and causes minimum wastage
  • Highly durable and does not crack, warp, or shrink in varying weather and temperature
  • Moisture and heat-resistant
  • Able to withstand heavy loads and years of wear and tear
  • Convenient to use

Below are some popular plywood types picked by architects and designers to create functionally aesthetic modular kitchens.

Types Of Plywood Most Suitable For Modular Kitchens

1. MR Grade Plywood

Commercially manufactured and sold for building boats, this marine plywood is made from imported seasoned wood and specially-designed waterproof glue. How did this plywood make its way from the sea to the household kitchens?

Their superior surface finish, impact-resistant property, immunity to fungal attacks, and high water resistance make them ideal for hot and humid kitchens. Due to these properties, MR Grade plywood is considered the most superior amongst all other plywood.

2. Boiling Waterproof Plywood (BWP)

BWP Grade plywood is uniquely constructed to make it waterproof. During the piling and pasting of the wood, each layer is treated with a preservative. The treated wooden board is subjected to a chemical known as Gum Line Protection. This chemical shields the plywood from termites and other infesting insects.

Although it is more expensive than commercial plywood, BWP is considered the second-best type for making kitchen cabinets. Its superior performance and ability to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures make it a top contender on the list.

3. Boiling Water Resistant Plywood (BWR)

The BWR plywood variety is a few notches lesser than BWP in terms of grade, weight, and cost. However, their resistance to steam and water puts them at a higher quality and cost than commercial plywood. They are also termite-proof and warp-free with zero surface core gaps, making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

4. Laminated Plywood

As the name suggests, this plywood is covered on one or both sides with laminated film. The lamination renders the raw plywood substrate chemical resistant, water-resistant, and durable. Moreover, laminated plywoods are available in several colours and designs, making them a good choice for kitchen cupboards.

5. Fire-Retardant Plywood

Also known as Firewall plywood, it is engineered with nanotechnology particles to bestow it with incredible fireproof properties. Fire retardant plywood has delayed flame-penetration time, low flammability, and slow combustion rate. Therefore, it gives enough time for anyone to escape the fire unharmed and call for emergency services. Moreover, fire-retardant plywood uses chemicals that emit less toxic smoke that can cause victims to choke and suffocate.

Other Types Of Plywood Used In Modular Kitchens

Apart from the above-mentioned plywood varieties, other types are also used to fabricate modular kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

  • Soft Plywood- Softer, lighter, less durable, poor fireproof properties, and less expensive.
  • Calibrated Plywood- Used for maximum precision, and therefore it can make the kitchen more appealing and aesthetic.
  • Hardwood Plywood- One of the most expensive types because it is harder and heavier. It is also highly durable but very difficult to cut and carve.

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