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PG Diploma - One year
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One Year Course
Interior decoration and design is a one year undergraduate diploma programme that is custom designed for individuals from various backgrounds of education who has their interest and skills on redefining the beauty and aesthetics of an interior space. The course is framed in a non-semester pattern. Students get to learn the basic and intermediate skills needed to create a new character and identity to a specified space, for a specific purpose. The students are given practical exposure in working with, colour and form, material and patterns, order and composition and lighting and ventilation of a space in order to enhance the beauty, efficiently and durability of the space.
Picture of a living room sketch, color palette, and pencils along with a hand designing an interior plan
  • Elements And Principles Of Design
  • Material And Finishes
  • Colour Theory And Lighting
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Art And Architecture Styles
  • Diploma Project
  • Interior Landscape/ Interior Photography


A student with UG diploma in Interior Decoration and Design from DOT can find umpteen opportunity in the interior and spaces design field, such as interior design studios, visual merchandising for retailers, set designing companies (for theatre, films), production design for media industry and exhibition design companies. Apart from this, a good knowledge about the subject and design process along with commendable skills can equip you to work as a freelance designer and handle independent projects.


How long does it take to complete the course?

Interior decoration and design is an under-graduation diploma course framed in a non-semester pattern and takes one year to complete. The course is ideal for students from different educational backgrounds with an interest in redefining the interior space aesthetically and beautifully. Students learn basic skills to create an identity in a space with practical exposure to colour, form, and material.

Should I have a background in interior design?

The course is designed in a way that students with little to no experience can learn interior design. So, it is a big no. One need not have any background in interior design to learn the specialization. The under-graduation program offers basic skills which are of great use to candidates with no background in interior design.

Can a newcomer enter the field of interior design and earn money?

People welcome new and fresh ideas as the demand for interior design keeps increasing. Therefore, a newcomer can break into the field of interior design and create a big change by offering innovative ideas. The more unique the designs, the more money you can earn and achieve success in the field of interior design.

What are the minimum criteria of admission to the institute?

The minimum criteria for any student to enter an institute offering an interior design course is that they should have completed their tenth grade or secondary school. However, people can also enter the stream after any under-graduation if they want to shift their career path to interior design.

How about the faculties in your institute?

Faculties are the backbone of any design institute as they play a significant role in passing on their knowledge to students. Design school faculties are highly experienced and qualified, having more than 10 to 15 years of experience. They provide the best guidance for students by sharing their experiences and moulding them into successful interior designers.

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