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Daily Dose Of Art Inspirations For A BFA Course Graduate/Student

Daily Dose Of Art Inspirations For A BFA Course Graduate/Student

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As a BFA Course student or a creative professional, you may not always be brimming with ideas and creativity. We all have that moment in life where we are stuck in thought and are unable to move forward with our work. Translating our ideas into actual work is not always a smooth process, even for highly qualified professionals. At DOT School Of Design, the top design college in Chennai, we urge students to follow the work of eminent artists and creative blogs for a daily dose of inspiration. Our students are allowed to explore the natural world as it is a potpourri of inspiration. 


You get inspired by different forms, colours, textures, rhythms that will become the basis of your creative work. Camping trips and a short stroll in the neighbourhood can be an inspirational journey. Many principles of design are the perception of the natural world. Some of the successful art ideas are nothing but derivatives of the natural world, and this includes the invention of our great scientist Isaac Newton. The common and universal ways to find art inspiration is discussed further in this article.

Interesting Tips For A BFA Student

Follow The Work Of People You Admire

The best way to get inspired is by following people's work from the same industry. Influences can overwhelm you, and it does not take much time or effort to gather the visual art in front of you to form a different conceptual piece of work. 

Browse Portfolio Platforms And Blogs

Behance and Dribbble are some of the portfolio platforms where you can find amazing art inspirations. You will find several examples of creative work from different industries, subject matter or projects. There are plenty of art and design blogs for those in search of creative inspiration. The internet is loaded with information, including different tips for artistic inspiration. Cass Art, Artsy, ARTnews, Boooooom, and Google Arts and Culture are some of the popular art blogs that will help illuminate your creative minds. Creative Bloq, Design Week, Adobe Create, Dieline, and ManyPixels are design blogs you can check out daily to improve your creative work. Finding time to read creative blogs in your daily routine can be very helpful. 

Maintain Journals

Every visual art has a thought process that you can write down in words. In a journal, write those thought process and experiences which you can be scrutinise and analyse later. As you keep jotting down feelings, dreams, and unfinished thoughts, you will eventually have a treasure trove of creative inspiration you can always refer to when in need. 

Keep Sketchbooks

A sketchbook is another interesting tip for creative inspiration. You can keep a sketchbook as your travel companion to sketch interesting architecture, people and nature. Apart from helping you practice your craft daily, a sketchbook is also a great collection of art inspiration. 

Break Off From Social Media

According to a study conducted recently in Chennai, taking a break from all the social media sites you use can detox your thought process and make people more creative. We mostly turn to social media when we are bored, but boredom will help us be more creative as we require the satisfaction of doing something solid to stimulate our brain. However, it is a challenge to get your hooks off social media, but it is worth trying.

Read Quotes To Get Inspired

Inspirations can be from any part of the world. You can read inspirational quotes that will give you the required dose of creative juices. Inspirational quotes are nothing but an embodiment of the truth that will stay connected with you forever. It cannot be ignored or overlooked. Quotes are from real people who have real experience and are connected to the industry for long. Reading such inspirational quotes can help you be on the right track. It will remind you of the person you want to be in terms of creative work. 

A little bit of tweak in your daily routine will help you find some time for reading quotes. You can find blogs dedicated to inspiring arts quotes that are easy to follow and apply. 

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