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Top Fine Arts College Experts Debunk Fine Arts Myths!

Arts was never considered as a professional stream of education or career. The popularity of engineering, medicine, and the law has to an extent, overshadowed the reach of art education in India.  People mostly consider learning arts as a waste of time and effort. Nowadays, there are only a few colleges in India that offer BFA seats. At DOT School Of Design, the top design institute in Chennai, we offer a four-year fine arts degree for students who dream of a career in arts. We motivate our students to believe in themselves and give them the skills to pursue their career in art. Art is here to stay, and it offers a real career different from other professional courses. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding the art field that discourages people from pursuing education from a fine arts college. But those are just misconceptions, and just like others, they will fade away in time.


There is no real arts degree

One of the most common misconceptions is that there is no real degree in fine arts. But on the contrary, Bachelor of Fine Arts is a four-year undergraduate degree course for students seeking professional education in arts. It is followed by a 2-year Master of Fine Arts postgraduate course.

Arts degree is a waste of time

A course in fine arts is not just something you pursue just for the sake of taking a degree. The students get the actual industrial exposure, make good connections with industry people, and have fun. For those who have real passion and creativity, the experience one gets in college will transform them and make them industry-ready. It is a rewarding experience to share and learn something you love and be with like-minded people.

Studying Arts Is Easy

It is a wrong idea that it is easy to study arts. The curriculum followed for a fine arts degree is surely different, but that does not mean the student does not need to take much effort. Indeed, students are not graded on the facts, but creativity holds a strong point. The students are graded based on the solution, creative thinking, intention and resolve. An art student puts in the same time and effort in studies as a science or law student. It may take days to complete an art project, and sometimes students will have to spend more time researching at the library or interning with a creative artist. All this time spent will total up to more than the time spent by other subject students. A creative arts student clocks an average of 30 hours a week for studies.

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A career in fine art is tough

People feel that it is tough to make a career in fine arts. On the contrary, art is present in all fields. You have to look around, and you will find art everywhere. You will find art in the clothes you wear, in the interior design of your homes, in movies, TV shows and others. It is used in all types of industries, mostly in the product and marketing department. It is surprising that people still believe that it is tough to have a career in arts.

Arts degree will not fetch you a career

People have the misconception that an arts degree from fine arts college will not fetch you a career. But the situation is not the same anymore. DOT School , one of the professional fine arts colleges in Chennai prepare the students for the real job. Studies indicate that most of the students in both undergraduate and postgraduate fine arts degrees find themselves employed, and most of them work in the creative industry. According to a study conducted in Chennai, arts graduates do have a good employment rate on par with other graduates.

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A fine arts degree is never a waste of time and money as it hones your skill and makes you the artist you ought to be to lead a successful career in the art field.

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