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11th Chennai international Documentary & Short Film Festival 2023

DOT Content Team
February 22, 2023
3 min read

An annual event, a Film Festival showcases new independent or newly produced films, well-known or undiscovered talent, established and aspiring filmmakers, students studying the film industry, and films from all around the world. Festivals typically feature a variety of locations. 

The goal of eligible directors is to get their picture noticed in order to secure a distribution deal, receive favorable press coverage, present their film, or demonstrate excellent acting and directing. A new independent film project may be launched at festivals, where you could also find new talent.

Film festivals are vital because they give our young filmmakers a platform to showcase their original ideas, unique tales, narrative skills, talent, and most importantly, their passion for sharing their feelings and thoughts about the world they live in. Whether they are producing more well-known live action drama or thought-provoking experimental film, they share these ideas with the audience.

Since 1996, the Chennai-based media activist group Marupakkam has produced documentaries and coordinated regular film screenings and festivals around India. They   have produced movies with issues including social justice, nuclear radiation, and workers’ rights. They consistently and firmly believe in public efforts that are modest in scale, local, democratic, participatory, open, inclusive, and nonprofit-focused. Around 500 film screenings and 100 film festivals have been arranged by our team throughout India, with a primary emphasis on socially, politically, and aesthetically compelling documentaries.

DOT School of Design in association with Marupakkam organized the inauguration of the 11th Chennai international Documentary & Short Film Festival 2023 on 20/02/23.

This event was Coordinated by festival director Amudhan R.P and A. S. Panneerselvan was the chief guest for the event. Mr. Ar.R.Raammnath and  other dignitaries were also present for the inauguration. The festival book and the schedule was released by our chief guest A. S. Panneerselvan and the first copy was received by Chairman of DOT school of Design Mr. Ar R Raammnath.

As a medium of this film festival our students will be able to understand and evolve the art of observing the different scenarios of a film without having the necessity of compromising on their individual sensibilities.The exposure that can be acquired through film festivals is vast and interesting for each student’s growth. 

The list of documentaries and short films screened today at DOT are many, each showcasing different perspectives and genres of thought processes. Understanding these details DOT School of Design indeed takes pride in hosting this event for the 3rd time in our premises.

This film festival helped the students to  dedicate some quality time towards film and documentary appreciation. Students were exposed to a wide variety of themes and stories in different styles of documentation and in various languages. The films that were displayed, sparked many thoughtful discussions on various social topics and taboos that were depicted in the films.


Few  interesting films among those we watched was ‘Duswapna’ in which the visuals were spun around a poem and whose director, Jay Kholia was present with us. He shared his experience of making the film with the audience and answered some interesting questions that arose. 

‘Kubra’ was another documentary that featured a bold artist who broke conventions in creative thinking. That’s right! There has been a conventional style of creativity too! An important purpose of the fest was to experience the film or documentary with a crowd in which different people would capture different aspects and interpretations of the s a m e piece of work and the discussion facilitates exchange of those different perspectives. 

At the end everyone gets a complete experience of all aspects of the film. So, a lot of learning and a lot of fun, that’s what the 11th Chennai International Documentary and Short Film festival 2023 at DOT school of design was all about!


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