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Induction Day 2023

DOT Content Team
August 7, 2023
3 min read

With great delight, DOT School of Design joyously received their fourth troop of exceptionally talented students. The induction day event was held on August 7, 2023, where students, accompanied by their parents or guardians, gathered to commemorate the beginning of their exciting journey into the realm of design. 

The day commenced with student registration, where students were pleasantly surprised with specially curated DOT goodies, and the air was filled with eagerness and nervousness as they prepared to dive into their creative endeavors.

As the main events of the induction day were set to unfold, the program kicked off with a traditional touch of Tamil Nalvalthukal a gesture that emphasized the significance of embracing cultural heritage at DOTSOD.

A warm welcome address by our chairman Mr. AR. R. Raammnath graced the occasion, setting a tone of encouragement and support for the incoming students.

Next, our design chair Mr. Singanapalli Balaram emphasized that Design remains inherently human-centric, aiming to cater to human needs and preferences. He also pointed out that the true essence of beauty emerges organically, without design merely serving as an embellishment. Moreover, he predicted that students, in their innovative pursuits, will evolve into magicians, conjuring both beauty and innovation and encouraged everyone to relish the enchanting results of their endeavors. His valuable insights ignited a spark of inspiration among our young minds. 

The highlight of the event was the Address by the Chief Guest, Manushya Puthiran, Chairman of the Local Library Authority in Chennai. He highlighted the evolution of designs inspired by natural elements, underlining how everything conceived by humans embodies a design. The significance of aesthetics, the celebration of individuality, and the transformative power of design in shaping the world are paramount. Observing the roots of design in ancient caves and temples, it becomes apparent that design may well have been humanity’s first crafted profession, with its influence permeating all fields. The fusion of inputs from various art forms and disciplines culminates in the creation of a design. Maintaining a research-oriented mindset to manifest imaginative dreams into reality is crucial. Embracing a journey from novice to exceptional artisan encapsulates the essence of the design experience and about the importance of creativity and education in shaping a bright future for the nation.

The stage was taken over by Aparajithan, the Head of the Foundation to elaborate on the academic framework at DOT School of Design, reassuring the students that they were in capable hands. His talk illuminated the path ahead, instilling confidence in the new learners. He elaborated on the design foundation program, a one-year interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum that precedes specialized departmental studies. This innovative approach focuses on hands-on learning, emphasizing design fundamentals, materials, and sketching, fostering practical knowledge acquisition through a non-conventional 80-20 approach, where 80% of the emphasis is on experiential learning. This program encourages students to refine their skills, embracing both learning and unlearning while preparing them for future academic pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered gracefully by Insiya, expressing gratitude to all the esteemed guests and organizers for creating a memorable induction day experience.

Amidst the ongoing festivities, the Art Market opened on the Foundation Studios’ first floor, displaying students’ creative endeavors and showcasing the essence of their artistic talents.

After a well-deserved break, the afternoon session commenced with orientation workshops for students and parents. The students enthusiastically participated in club orientations and fun games, providing a glimpse into the array of opportunities to explore their interests beyond the academic sphere.

Simultaneously, parents engaged in an informative orientation workshop, where they had the opportunity to address queries about college fees and various aspects of their ward’s educational journey. This ensured that parents were well-informed and supportive partners in their children’s creative pursuits.


Overall, the DOT School of Design’s Induction Day was an enchanting experience, laying the foundation for a new chapter in the lives of the incoming students. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, creativity, and a shared passion for design and art. As the sun set on this unforgettable day, it marked the beginning of a transformative and exhilarating adventure for all who were fortunate to be a part of the DOT community.

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