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Interior Design as a Career as explained by Mrs.Sreedevi Bommisetty

DOT Content Team
August 27, 2021
2 min read

Day 2 of the webinar covered the importance of Interior Design along with the plethora of career opportunities that are available. Mrs. Subashini, associate faculty member in the discipline of Interior Design at DOT School of Design started the session by giving an insight about the course at the institute. She spoke about the extensive design department which allows interdisciplinary collaboration, which improves both the technical and the design skills. Along with technical skill development, there is also a lot of focus on the design thinking aspects of knowledge gaining. This is achieved by the multiple industry connect programs, professional advisors and visiting faculty. 

The students got an overview of the various programs here and how DOT handles the spatial design discipline. After which a short video was played where the current students at DOT spoke about their experience here. 

The industrial speaker Mrs. Sreedevi Bommisetty, Senior Architect at Hawker & West took over and introduced herself. She also briefed about her experience in the field. With relevant examples she explained how spatial design has changed the landscape of the city, has improved the business prospects of retail and has helped in the overall development of the country. 

She helped the students understand the importance of using sustainable practises and materials. She also pointed out that the construction, architecture and spatial design industries were not hit by the recent pandemic & economic recession. Job opportunities are expansive for interior design with the modern lifestyles of style conscious generations of the population. Interior Design is not just limited to domestic residential spaces, but there are multitude of scopes in the retail sector, public landscaping sector, etc. 

Mrs.Sridevi Bommisetty’s presentation was followed by the Q&A session. The students participated actively to get all their queries answered both about the educational & the career aspects of Interior Design. Mrs. Sreedevi & Mrs.Subhashini actively resolved all the questions posted by the students. The entire session was very informative and useful in understanding the prospects of spatial design.  

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